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Workplace Safety & Security - F&B

Program Duration: 01 day – 3 hours

Maximum No. of Attendees: 30 participants

Location: Dubai, UAE.


Restaurants and other food and beverage service operations can be very safe or unsafe places to work.  What makes the difference?  Everyone who works there!  There are federal, state, and local agencies that develop and enforce laws and regulations relating to what must be done (and what must not be done!) to help ensure a safe workplace.  However, when the restaurant’s management and staff adopt the philosophy that “Safety is everyone’s concern,” the foundation for a safe workplace becomes established.


Accident prevention is very important, and it begins with identifying where and how they can occur.  Then, the next step is to train affected staff members about work practices designed to prevent accidents.  As well, when managers “manage by walking around,” they can verify that staff members are using the correct (safe) work procedures.  If deviations are noted, gentle coaching or “reminder” conversations can reinforce safety concerns, and help staff members to protect themselves from injuries.


Employees who follow correct work practices will be safe; however, they may not be secure.  Criminal acts such as unauthorized entry and theft are everyday concerns that create situations beyond the employees’ control.  Workplace violence, health-related emergencies, and the control of alcohol consumption by guests are additional examples of problems that can be anticipated and addressed.  Knowledge about what to do in these and related situations is important.  The time for staff members to learn about safety and security precautions is before they need to know what to do.  That time is now as they learn from this Basic Training session.


¬Program Segments: 


  • Lifting Properly

  • Preventing Strains and Sprains

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

  • Burn Prevention

  • Preventing Cuts:  Knife Safety

  • Machine Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • Chemical Safety

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Workplace Security and Access Control

  • Funds Protection and Preventing Armed Robbery

  • Workplace Violence

  • Serving Alcohol Responsibly

  • Choking and the Heimlich Maneuver

  • Food Allergies

  • Handling Emergencies


Program duration: 3 hours


Maximum No. of participants: 25




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Adel Shokry Seif El-Nasr

General Manager of Kahramana Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh

Bachelor of Tourism & Hotels - 1981



  • Food & Beverage Management



  • ACI, Accredited Certified Instructor - July 15, 2002

  • CHT, Certified Hospitality Trainer – July 31, 2002



  •  South Sinai Program Manager - US AID – Egypt Tourism Cluster Workforce Development Program(ETWDP)

  •  Team Leader of establishing company's SOP

  •  Founder of company's F&B manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of company's Water Management manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of AQUATICO Water Park Manual & its SOP's

  •  Opening team member of Calimera Habiba Resort - Marsa Alam, April 2006

  •  Opening team member of Laguna Vista Garden Resort – Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2008

  •  Team leader of ISO Certification of Laguna Vista Beach Resort – Sharm El-sheikh, February 2010, and its renewal on January 2013

  •  Opening team member of Sentido Beach Resort & Aquatico Water Park – Marsa Alam, March - April 2013

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