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Summer Program

People Development

Why managing and creating a continued and future plan for employee development is important? Below a couple of reasons why your company should be investing in employee development:


  • It helps attract and keep great employees

  • It helps you create promotable employees 

  • It keeps employees engaged at work

  • It helps you save and earn money 

  • It forces your company to look to the future


If you agree employee workforce constitute a competitive advantage and each employee should have the opportunity to develop to the maximum of his or her potential you should join our programme on People Development.

There is a 5 modules options of 2 days which combine different knowledge, competencies and Mindset.  Each module combines interactive lectures, case studies and hands-on exercises.

This programme is designed for Hospitality executives from supervisors to general managers and above. Managers and HR staff in all the industries interested in developing their expertise to assess and identify talents.

04 Jun 2018 to 09 Jun 2018

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