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“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot”

-Michael Althsuler


A simple definition of time management is that it is the concept of effectively using your allotted time in such a way that you are able to accomplish the tasks, projects, or goals that you set for yourself or that have been set for you.


Program Objectives


After participating this session, attendees will be able to:


  • Determine the value of time and how to use it profitability

  • Prioritize tasks, responsibilities, and goals.

  • Effectively delegate tasks to members of the Team.

  • Use time management tools such as “to-do” lists, planners, and technological time management tools.

  • Avoid procrastination.

  • Effectively manage crisis, interruptions, phone calls, and paperwork.

  • Manage or avoid stress through the use of time management techniques.



Time Management - Stop the Clock


Program Duration: 02 days – 16 hours

Maximum No. of Attendees: 30 participants

Location: Dubai, UAE.

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Adel Shokry Seif El-Nasr

Director of Operations - B Host Service

Bachelor of Tourism & Hotels - 1981



  • Food & Beverage Management



  • ACI, Accredited Certification Instructor - July 15, 2002 AH&LA

  • CHT, Certified Hospitality Trainer – July 31, 2002 AH&LA



  •  South Sinai Program Manager - US AID – Egypt Tourism Cluster Workforce Development Program(ETWDP)

  •  Team Leader of establishing B&G company's SOP

  •  Founder of B&G F&B manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of B&G Water Management manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of AQUATICO Water Park Manual & its SOP's

  •  Opening team member of Calimera Habiba Resort - Marsa Alam, April 2006

  •  Opening team member of Laguna Vista Garden Resort – Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2008

  •  Team leader of ISO Certification of Laguna Vista Beach Resort – Sharm El-sheikh, February 2010, and its renewal on January 2013

  •  Opening team member of Sentido Beach Resort & Aquatico Water Park – Marsa Alam, March - April 2013

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