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Business Development in Hospitality

03 Sep 2018 to 08 Sep 2018

Business Development analyses and evaluates the different aspects of business growth routes and development processes in the hospitality industry. It considers the essential features of the strategic business context, in which any hospitality organization operates. The hotel industry needs significance business development.


A business always operates in an inter connected environment that contains several forces that affect the success of a business. Competitors, customers, economics, geo politics to name a few. In order to make decisions about the future, businesses need to be aware of how & by how much will the environment affect future value of a project.

Join our Business Development Programme in Hospitality and understand the process by which hospitality industry can get better performance through modify feature and attribute of it recent product or services developing new product or service toward the inside new market In the hospitality industry.


There is a 5 modules options of 2 days which combine different knowledge, competencies and Mindset.  Each module combines interactive lectures, case studies and hands-on exercises.


  • Fees per module*2100

  • Full Programme 6 Days (3 modules)*5700


Fees include:


  • Tuition and course material

  • The module certificate

  • Lunches & coffee breaks

  • VAT and government taxes

  • Shuttle service between preferred hotels and EHL


*Does not include enrollment fees of 200 CHF

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