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Quality Beverage Service

Program Duration: 01 day – 3 hours

Maximum No. of Attendees: 30 participants

Location: Dubai, UAE.


Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are great supplements to meals that are enjoyed by many guests.  In addition to complementing the meals, their service generates additional revenues for the restaurant and greater tips for service employees.


In spite of these benefits, there are some special concerns that must be addressed to help assure that alcoholic beverage service does not become a liability.  Those who prepare and serve drinks must have product knowledge, and they must know and consistently use the proper procedures for taking, preparing, and serving beverage orders.  As well, revenues generated must be accounted for.  Each of these and related topics is very important and should be considered when training new service staff and when providing updates for their more experienced counterparts.


Other special concerns are also relevant when alcoholic beverages are served.  The most important relate to responsible service to protect the guests that consume the alcoholic beverages, the restaurant that serves them, and any other persons who might be harmed by the actions of intoxicated guests after they leave the restaurant.  It is important that all employees be able to recognize behavioral signs that suggest that the service of alcoholic beverages should be curtailed.  Service staff must then know how to do so, how to explain changes in service to guests and, at some point, to discontinue service to them.


Many accidents, injuries, and deaths occur because of drunk driving.  Restaurant staff members play an important role in preventing accidents.  They do so by controlling the service of alcoholic beverages and by taking appropriate actions to help assure that obviously and visibly intoxicated persons do not drive their vehicles.  Finally, there are times when some guests must be evicted from the restaurant because of intoxication and/or disruptive behavior.  These can be very anxious situations for those who must do so.  Fortunately, there are some basic practices that can be used to help assure that problems associated with these situations are minimized.


¬Program Segments: 


  • Safety & Sanitation

  • Beverage Service Basics

  • Handling Money

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Responsible Alcohol Service

  • Checking Identification

  • The Effects of Alcohol

  • Server Awareness and Communication

  • Denying Service

  • Preventing Drunk Driving

  • Evicting Intoxicated or Unruly Patrons



Program duration: 3 hours


Maximum No. of participants: 25




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Adel Shokry Seif El-Nasr

General Manager of Kahramana Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh

Bachelor of Tourism & Hotels - 1981



  • Food & Beverage Management



  • ACI, Accredited Certified Instructor - July 15, 2002

  • CHT, Certified Hospitality Trainer – July 31, 2002



  •  South Sinai Program Manager - US AID – Egypt Tourism Cluster Workforce Development Program(ETWDP)

  •  Team Leader of establishing company's SOP

  •  Founder of company's F&B manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of company's Water Management manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of AQUATICO Water Park Manual & its SOP's

  •  Opening team member of Calimera Habiba Resort - Marsa Alam, April 2006

  •  Opening team member of Laguna Vista Garden Resort – Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2008

  •  Team leader of ISO Certification of Laguna Vista Beach Resort – Sharm El-sheikh, February 2010, and its renewal on January 2013

  •  Opening team member of Sentido Beach Resort & Aquatico Water Park – Marsa Alam, March - April 2013

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