From Thu 12 - Sat 14 June 2014

Prof. Alexia Muteke-Ceppi

Women and Leadership in 21st Century

  • The financial success of a hotel is heavily dependent upon the planning which goes into it. This module will give you the insights on the critical steps and time-path of hotel opening phases covering the important aspects from feasibility; construction; operations planning & budget; recruitment & training to soft opening and full operations. As a customized process of Hotel Opening is complex,linking different parties (internal as well as external) and processes is crucial to a successful result. The roles and
    responsibilities of each party will be explained as well as the tasks and functions of the pre-opening team covering from manpower planning to creating SOP’s and defining the
    activities for all departments; operational as well as non-operational.
    Participants will learn about the processes within the
    construction and FF&E phase which are known to have
    typical complications and are high risk areas through
    lecture-discussions, individual and team exercises.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the critical path of a Hotel pre-opening and
    opening phase.
    • Assess the progress of each party that is involved.
    • Understand the roles and the importance of each party
    involved and their effect on the ultimate success of the hotel.

    • Explain the importance of all aspects of planning and
    budgeting in a hotel opening phase.
    • Be able to outline a project schedule.
    • Analyse the risk factors during each phase of the planning process.

    • Value the diversity of work of all parties involved.
    • Enjoy the success of a successful hotel opening.

    Interactive lecture-discussions, Case studies & Practical

    Managers, Executives and Professionals interested and
    involved in Hotel Opening Projects.