From Thu 6 - Sat 8 February 2014

Prof. Wei Cheng Chen

The Art of Exceptional Service

    In today’s highly competitive environment, anticipating and fulfilling customer needs and wants is essential. Having a strong customer service mindset is important to any organization and it plays a key role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. While it is important to equip your staff with techniques and skills to deliver an impeccable service, the corporate strategy must also be aligned with the exceptional service mindset - corporate strategy is the root of an exceptional service.
    This module will prepare the participants with the right knowledge, competencies and mindset to leverage an organization by valuing the art of service as a strategic direction. Over three days, participants will discover how and why the different activities in a corporation impact on a customer’s experience and perception of service. Moreover they will learn how corporate strategic values and service design influence the service delivery.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the art of service and its impact on customer service experience
    • Explain how strategic values and design influence the art of delivering service

    • Integrate corporate strategic and core service values into daily actions for customer excellence
    • Apply different communication’s and operational techniques for an exceptional service
    • Design the desired customer experience and expectations for a first-class service

    • Defend the importance of aligning corporate strategic values with exceptional service mindset
    • Appreciate the involvement of personnel and their attitude in delivering exceptional service
    • Recognize how emotions contribute to an exceptional service

    • Assigned readings, interactive lectures, case studies, in-class exercises, evening assignments

    Managers, executives and entrepreneurs in any service-related industry