Prof. Sylvia Jumelet

Talent and Performance Management

  • USD 1,225 | AED 4,500 Per Participant

    Talent and Performance management is about engaging, developing, and inspiring your organization’s most important asset — its people — to deliver on business strategy.It includes a wide variety of functions including recruiting, learning and training, coaching, compensation, goal setting, employee performance management and succession planning. While most organizations know that and have systems in place to roll those functions out, the question is why is it not always as effective as hoped? Why are the identified Talents not remaining in the company? Why are those Talents not contributing to the bottom line as much as we expected them to do?
    In this module participants will learn that a well-executed Talent management strategy, integrated in the Employee journey (Employee lifecycle; recruit-induct-retain-develop-exit) has the power to reduce employee turnover, create advocates for the organization and improve & measure the employee engagement. The organization will benefit from higher employee loyalty and maintain its Talents, which in turn leads to lower costs and will drive higher customer loyalty.
    Participants will look closely at the systems they have in place in their own organizations and come up with recommendations to have a fully integrated Talent management process. They will be encouraged to share their own experiences within their business.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:
    • Explain in what way Talent management should be integrated in the organization to achieve better financial results and less employee turnover
    • Identify top candidates by recruiting strategically
    • Reduce employee turnover by keeping top performers and develop high-performance teams
    • Analyze their organizations’ Employee journey & make recommendations for improvement
    • Measure the results of Employer branding & Talent management with the Employee Net Promoter