From Mon 10 - Wed 12 February 2014

Prof. Ramon Diaz-Bernardo

Strategic Marketing

    The objective of the course is to introduce the central concepts involved in defining and implementing a marketing strategy for a hotel business, with detailed analysis and examples of the analytic tools necessary for creating a marketing strategy and plan with the objective of attracting, retaining and creating loyalty among the best
    customers. Best practices and experiences of different hospitality leaders would be discussed and compared including the implications for budget allocation and return on marketing investment.
    The participants would move from the traditional marketing mix concept to a new perspective on how to manage their marketing initiatives online. The course will discuss how the latest technologies are opening opportunities for new business models, what can we learn from how other industries are dealing with digital marketing, and what new
    marketing technologies could help us in developing a new marketing strategy to attract new customers and increase loyalty among the customers that we have.

    Hospitality executives from supervisors to general
    managers and above.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the marketing process in the hospitality industry: from analysis, to marketing strategy definition,
    to marketing mix implementation
    • What is different when we introduce the digital paradigm?
    • Describe how the marketing strategy is changing in the hotel sector due to the arrival of the online capabilities.

    • Develop an integrated marketing plan with the final
    objective of attracting new customers and increasing loyalty among the customers that you already have.
    • Prepare a personal agenda for planning and maximizing their digital marketing resources and apply these ideas, concepts, and principles to their hospitality business