From Saturday 14th to Monday 16th

Social and Sensorial Engineering in Marketing

    Traditional Marketing is a one-way approach: from the company to the audience. The Digital age and change in customer expectations enabled the emergence of a new paradigm towards a two-way communication where clients are not only spectators but engaged physically, emotionally and socially.
    Research shows that we spend about 20% of our time on Internet and Social Media. Indeed, web based communication accelerate the interaction between customer to company and customer to customer. However, one needs to evaluate the effectiveness of these new communication channels and the challenges they bring to our globalized world, especially to the hospitality industry.
    This Module will focus on new trends & interactive marketing techniques to attract & engage today’s customers to win their minds and heart from a stronger connection to our brands.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:
    • Identify new interactive marketing trends
    • Describe characteristics of 21st Century customers
    • Explain how to integrate web based communication into the marketing mix
    • Design a manageable social media strategy
    • Apply emotions and sensorial experiences into marketing strategies
    • Evaluate the impact, effectiveness and challenges of web based communication strategies
    • Defend the importance of engaging the customer into marketing actions
    • Recognize the shift of marketing goal from raising awareness to developing relationships with the audience

    Assigned readings, interactive discussions, participative exercises and case studies

    • Managers, executives and entrepreneurs in any service-related business.
    • Individuals interested in improving their interpersonal skills and understanding and improving their interaction dynamics with others; applicable to both personal and professional life.