From Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd

Prof. Mark DUNFORD

Key to Personal Effectiveness

    Our perceptions of the world, our work and the other people in our lives are affected by past experiences, our expectations and where we place our priorities. Our level of performance and overall team working results can be significantly impacted by increased self-understanding and understanding of others, by enhancing our ability to adapt and by improving our ability to connect with others in both our personal and work theatres.
    This three-day Module will address the key requirements in “Best communication”:
    • Recognizing and understanding the person you are dealing with
    • Adapting your approach to communicating with them
    • Lowering “resistance” and starting an efficient negotiation.
    • Dealing with “The Difficult Person” and start a fruitful collaboration

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:
    • Explain the nature of perception and its importance in our relationship with others
    • Identify the four basic color energies and the characteristics associated with each
    • Examine the relative strengths and weaknesses of each color
    • Develop a quick way to recognize the different types of person you are dealing with in the hotel Industry
    • Develop efficient strategies to communicate, influence and negotiate
    • Elaborate the perception from “Difficult Person” to a “Valued Person” in your relationship with somebody
    • Be ready to see others in a different and more valuable way
    • Open for new challenges and objectives

    Interactive discussions and participative exercises. Opportunities for reflection and expression.

    • Hospitality executives from supervisors to general managers and above
    • Individuals interested in improving their interpersonal skills and understanding and improving their interaction dynamics with others; applicable to both personal and professional life.