From Mon 3 - Wed 5 February 2014

Prof. Debra Adams

Improving Business Performance

    The current economic climate requires managers to demonstrate a greater understanding of the drivers of business performance in order to make operational decisions to improve revenues and maintain profits.
    This highly interactive programme has been devised to provide the delegates with an opportunity to continue to update their financial knowledge and gain a better understanding of how to implement better planning and control processes present in the context of a service organisation.
    Each delegate will have an opportunity to translate their learning directly in to the workplace with case studies and scenarios based on real business problems and financial information.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:

    • Explain the ‘bigger picture’ – including the significance of profit, cash and asset management;
    • Effectively employ budget management and business forecasting
    • Understand the external business environment and the impact of external factors on decision making
    • Manage shareholder and business wealth

    • Practise effective evaluation of business performance
    • Interpret more effectively the business results and apply effective decision making
    • Create business plans and forecasts.

    • Practise critical analysis of business performance
    • Evaluate business performance
    • Improved confidence when presenting on and discussing financial data.

    Balance of lectures and discussions with participant presentations, seminars, debates and team games. Participants are encouraged to bring reports from their business for evaluation.

    This course has been designed for operational managers working in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors who are required to make decisions based on the interpretation of periodic performance reports.