Prof. Jos Jumelet

Finance for non-financial Managers

  • USD 1,225 / AED 4,500 Per Participant

    Having a big picture of your business enables you to have a broader focus on your own departments & job functions enabling you to make the link between your actions & that of the company’s overall business objectives. Today, companies seek to employ people who have an advanced understanding of accounting & finance, combined with technical skills in order to run the business.
    This module uses a hotel management simulation developed by industry leaders. You will learn how to understand the story behind a company’s financial statements; elements such as the economic conditions, competitive strategies & change initiatives that impact the company’s ability to make money. These financial skills provide the filter through which management information can be directed to sound decision making & improved business results.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:
    • Identify the important elements of interpreting financial statements
    • Explain the importance of assessing the competition & the economic conditions of the marketplace to craft sound financial strategies.
    • Analyze & interpret financial statements (P&L & Cash Flow Statements & the Balance Sheet)
    • Utilize financial calculations & ratios to generate the most effective management decisions.
    • Think like a business owner with a holistic view of the company’s objectives—understand the “big picture”
    • Shift from tactical operational thinking to strategic leadership in competitive market conditions.

    Jos Jumelet is a Senior Consultant at LHC. He is an operator at heart and has great experience in the field of hotel Management. He has experience in leading owned, managed & franchised hotels. He is result oriented with a strong focus on quality.
    He has also gained experience in the leisure industry, which reinforces his strong knowledge of owner – operator