Monday 17 to Friday 21 February 2014 

Prof. Christopher Bates

Enriching Hotel Revenue & Distribution

    Hotel Revenue & Distribution Managers are increasingly sought-after to have a wealth of current information, knowledge and tools to successfully maximize hotel revenues. Participants will gain insight into what core competencies are needed to strengthen a hotels Revenue and Distribution Strategies. We will have discussions on topics such as Distribution, Best Practices, Revenue Tools, Pricing Strategies, Forecasting, Reporting and Hotel Convergence. Knowing where to dedicate your revenue manager’s valuable time and limited resources are often the keys to successfully reducing costs and increasing revenue. We will audit some participant’s distribution and online presence; such as the GDS, the Hotel website, partner websites and look at how they compare to the hotels competitors and market. We will dedicate an entire day on Direct Distribution, specifically the hotel website; Best Practices, Website development, SEO, Social Media and Mobile. We will also look at what outside factors pose potential opportunities and threats to our revenue strategies, such as market conditions and the competition.

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:
    • Understand numerous Revenue and Distribution Strategies
    • Describe yielding strategies and their intended objectives
    • Apply the core Revenue and Distribution Best Practices
    • Analyse the relationship that pricing strategies, business on the books, forecasts and pick-up has on hotel revenue performance
    • Develop property specific Revenue and Distribution Strategies
    • Build a property specific Revenue Management Tool Kit
    • Defend the application of Revenue and Distribution strategies
    • Appreciate the increasing complexities of Hotel Distribution
    • Focus on Cost Effective, Direct Distribution (i.e. hotel website)
    Group discussions, interactive lectures,in-class exercises, hotel website examples, industry white paper