From Mon 10 February - Wed 12 February 2014

Prof. Ines Klemm

Emotional Branding & Design

    Everything has a colour. Colour is key to personal, emotional and customer experiences and reaches far beyond art and the decoration of space. It is connected to deeply embedded themes and patterns, either on evolutionary, cultural, or personal level through which it impacts wellbeing, health, and decision-making in essential ways, not least because vision has replaced odour as the most essential sense for survival. What is most striking is that colour meaning is often ignored in Western design although it provides an invaluable source for informed design decisions, which are genuinely independent from subjective taste or contemporary fashion trends.
    This three-day Module will address keys of colour in communication:
    • Recognizing the meaning of colour on an evolutionary, cultural and personal level
    • Differentiating between physical and emotional dimensions of colour
    • Instrumentalising colour in branding, design and communication

    By the end of the Module, participants will be able to:

    • Understand colour in relation to body, memory, and perception
    • Identify the meaning of colours and their energetic profiles
    • Examine the differences of colour meaning and application in Orient and Occident

    • Develop colour schemes with a predictable emotional response
    • Apply the principles of colour energy in branding and design
    • Control comfort, wellbeing and perception of a product, space, or brand

    • See the opportunity to use colour
    • Be prepared to see the world in more predictable ways through colour.

    Interactive discussions and participative exercises. Opportunities for reflection and expression.

    • Hospitality, brand, and design managers
    • Individuals interested in improving their sensorial skills and understanding the predictability and meaning of colour.