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Hosting and Cashiering

Program Duration: 01 day – 3 hours

Maximum No. of Attendees: 30 participants

Location: Dubai, UAE.


In many restaurants, the host or hostess is the first staff member with whom a guest has contact.  The occasion may be a telephone call with a question or to make a reservation.  Alternatively, it may occur when guest arrives at the restaurant with or without a reservation.  The old saying, “The first impression is a lasting impression,” is correct, and it applies to what the host/hostess does and does not do in the role of representing the restaurant to the public.


The job of hosts and hostesses seems simple at first because “all they do is to take reservations, greet guests, and, perhaps, take their money when they leave.”  In fact, there are many important tasks and many details within each task that must be performed correctly all the time.  Over-riding these details is the notion that the person serving in this role is the restaurant’s “ambassador” who establishes the relationship between the guests and other restaurant staff that will follow.


Successful hosts and hostesses interact with many persons including guests and restaurant employees.  As they do so, they must be hospitable, organized, pay attention to details, and be able to “think on their feet” as special situations arise.  Their job is among the most important in the restaurant, and their success depends upon the knowledge, skills, and attitude that they bring to the job on each work shift.  What exactly do they do, and how should they do it?   These are among the issues addressed in this Training Session.


¬Program Segments: 


  • Phone Skills

  • Taking Reservations

  • No-Reservation Policies

  • Call Ahead Seating

  • Reservation Information and Strategies

  • Walk-Ins and Direct Seating

  • Intoxicated or Unruly Guests

  • Take Out Orders

  • Busy Times and Waiting Guests

  • Processing Payment

  • Bad Credit Card

  • Lasting Impressions



Program duration: 3 hours


Maximum No. of participants: 25




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Adel Shokry Seif El-Nasr

General Manager of Kahramana Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh

Bachelor of Tourism & Hotels - 1981



  • Food & Beverage Management



  • ACI, Accredited Certified Instructor - July 15, 2002

  • CHT, Certified Hospitality Trainer – July 31, 2002



  •  South Sinai Program Manager - US AID – Egypt Tourism Cluster Workforce Development Program(ETWDP)

  •  Team Leader of establishing company's SOP

  •  Founder of company's F&B manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of company's Water Management manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of AQUATICO Water Park Manual & its SOP's

  •  Opening team member of Calimera Habiba Resort - Marsa Alam, April 2006

  •  Opening team member of Laguna Vista Garden Resort – Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2008

  •  Team leader of ISO Certification of Laguna Vista Beach Resort – Sharm El-sheikh, February 2010, and its renewal on January 2013

  •  Opening team member of Sentido Beach Resort & Aquatico Water Park – Marsa Alam, March - April 2013

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