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Guest Service 3-in-1

Program Duration: 01 day – 8 hours

Maximum No. of Attendees: 30 participants

Location: Dubai, UAE.


Guest needs and expectations are tremendously increasing nowadays; the hospitality personnel face daily different situations may seem very confusing.


Guest Service 3 in 1 is a combined module which enables all hospitality personnel deal smoothly, friendly, and efficiently with diverse guests. Guest Service 3 in 1 drives your employees on the right track of anticipating the golden triangle of guest satisfaction.



1 - The Spirit of Hospitality


Delivering Quality Guest Service


Delivering Quality Guest Service shows your employees how to meet the expectations of guests and co-workers. The module and accompanied video show several guest service situations in which quality service makes a difference for guests, co-workers, and the property. Many of the skills demonstrated in the program are listed below, under "Key Points."


Skills for Meeting and Exceeding Service Expectations


1. Expectation: Professional Appearance

2. Expectation: Friendliness

3. Expectation: Courtesy

4. Expectation: Empathy

5. Expectation: Responsiveness

6. Expectation: Flexibility


Delivering Quality Service to Guests and Co-workers


1. Read the person by paying attention to what is said and how he or she says it

2. Determine what the person needs

3. Work together to find a solution

4. Deliver the service

5. Follow up to make sure the person is satisfied


Handling Guest Complaints


1. Listen

2. Respond

3. Take action

4. Follow up


Improving Service Quality


1. Share guest feedback on service quality with staff or management

2. Look for opportunities to improve service



2 - Courtesy Rules


Better Telephone Skills Now


Courtesy Rules! Better Telephone Skills Now demonstrates how to use the telephone courteously and efficiently to serve callers and contribute to your property’s success.  The information in this module and accompanied video are separated into content points that are discussed in the video.


Your voice is the very first impression most callers get of your hotel. When you are polite, courteous, responsive, and maintain a smile in your voice, you help yourself, and your hotel stand out.  Talking on the phone is a relationship.  It can either be a good or bad experience.  It's up to you to make it a good one for your guests or potential guests.


The module key points:


  • Answer the Telephone Promptly

  • Use the Caller's Name

  • Avoid Jargon

  • Vary Your Tone

  • Don't Speak Too Fast or Garble

  • Stay Focused, Avoid Distractions

  • Repeat Information Back

  • Be Specific and Helpful

  • Never Give Out Room Numbers

  • Acknowledge Transfer Requests

  • Allow Callers to Speak Before Placing Them on Hold

  • Take Detailed Messages

  • Handle Multiple Demands

  • Take Charge of Situations

  • Handle Dissatisfied Callers

  • Empathize With the Caller

  • Offer a Specific Time for the Resolution

  • Sell Your Property





Achieving Great Service for Guests with Disabilities


Guests with Disabilities Act, passed by many countries laws, guaranteed basic rights for individuals with disabilities. It did not, however, guarantee good service. This module with accompanied video is designed to help prepare your hospitality employees to provide the best possible service to guests with disabilities.


We encourage you to adapt this program to fit your employees’ training needs. Use the margins of this training guide to note any difference between your property’s procedures and those described in the guide or the video.


With your adaptations, this training guide can be your primary re- source for training employees to provide great service to guests with disabilities.




After participating in this session, your employees will be able to:


•    Define and describe disabilities

•    Practice courtesy skills when serving guests with disabilities

•    Choose appropriate language for describing various disabilities

•    Interact appropriately with individuals according to the specific disability

•    Identify facilities and services on your property that are avail- able to guests with disabilities


Key Points


•    People with disabilities need and desire excellent service just as all other guest’s do.

•   Providing excellent service means being able to recognize a disability and practice basic courtesy.

•   The language you choose, the attitude you display, and the actions you take all have an effect on the service experience of guests with a disabilities.

•    Each disability calls for specific variations in the kind of service you provide.

•   Familiarity with your property’s facilities and services is essential for providing excellent service to guests with disabilities



Program duration 08 hours (01 full day)


Maximum No. of participants: 25




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Adel Shokry Seif El-Nasr

General Manager of Kahramana Hotel, Sharm El-Sheikh

Bachelor of Tourism & Hotels - 1981



  • Food & Beverage Management



  • ACI, Accredited Certified Instructor - July 15, 2002

  • CHT, Certified Hospitality Trainer – July 31, 2002



  •  South Sinai Program Manager - US AID – Egypt Tourism Cluster Workforce Development Program(ETWDP)

  •  Team Leader of establishing company's SOP

  •  Founder of company's F&B manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of company's Water Management manual & its SOP's

  •  Founder of AQUATICO Water Park Manual & its SOP's

  •  Opening team member of Calimera Habiba Resort - Marsa Alam, April 2006

  •  Opening team member of Laguna Vista Garden Resort – Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2008

  •  Team leader of ISO Certification of Laguna Vista Beach Resort – Sharm El-sheikh, February 2010, and its renewal on January 2013

  •  Opening team member of Sentido Beach Resort & Aquatico Water Park – Marsa Alam, March - April 2013

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