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Mystery Shopper

Scope of work:

Return of Investment

Guest Complaint

GOP (Gross Operation Profit)

Maintaining your return on investment is a real challenge in hospitality industry, it always relies on guest satisfaction.


Day to day tasks assigned to any hospitality management in terms of service, product, and asset maintain.


The ideal solution is to feel the pulse of operation and guests’ feelings with an eye of a professional, that’s why the Mystery Shopper system is a diagnosing one to guests’ experiences the establishment’s facilities and services.

B-Host Mystery Shopper examines all elements of guest service:


- Check-in

- Check-out

- Valet Parking

- Bell Service

- Concierge

- Business Center Service

- Special Guest requests & Service Recovery

- Guest Room Inspection

- Public Space Inspection

- Housekeeping Guest Request

- Engineering Guest Request

- In-room Directory Service

- Loss Prevention

- Restaurants

- Bars – Lounges

- In-room Dinning

- Coffee Shops

- Guest Shops

- Internal Controls


And each area guest gets service in contact.


Our professionals stay as anonymous guest at your property systematically diagnosing all hotel facilities accessible by your guests, and then we submit detailed academic report to our discoveries with specific conclusions and recommendations of each hotel division effectively and comprehensively addressing each key challenge in every hotel area.

Hotel New Norms

We assist you:


We have participated introducing in Egypt New Norms for Hotels' Standards. These new norms were applied to all Hotels, Resorts, Boutique Hotels, Floating Hotels, Environmental & Ecological Hotels and Camps and were approved by the UNWTO and the Egyptian Government.

​The system of assessment applied is in three phases:

1) The infrastructure, equipment, appliances and tools available in the hotel

2) The Mystery Shopper (undeclared visits provided by our international experts)

3) The Hygiene Quality Control.

The advantages of the New Classification:

- It conforms with the international trend and interest towards quality of service evolution.

- There is no opportunity for the inspector personal judgment intervention.

- The non existence of an item or its non conformity with the classification does not necessarily lead to refuse granting the stars required.

-  The items required specially in the quality of service would not allow lowering the rates and will achieve a fair market share between hotels categories.

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